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B.M.L. Jain (IIT-Kanpur)
Chairman, Indian Business Academy
CMD, MJ Group, New Delhi.





Message from Chairman

Dear Prospective Students,

I am delighted that you have expressed an interest in studying at IBA for your post graduation. The world is fast becoming an international marketplace. And, just as companies must increasingly stand out from their competitors so must individuals. With so many business schools to choose from, you must assure yourself that the school you choose satis. es the needs of the business community by combining academic rigor with relevance and accessibility. IBA aims to advance the knowledge and practice of management by providing a challenging ‘real world’ learning environment, structured around an analysis of organizational practices and complemented by leading-edge research. The course is designed to develop more innovative, enterprising and effective managers with the requisite knowledge, skills and managerial competencies to face the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century.

At IBA we believe that business is a force for good. IBA is for those achievers who believe in climbing the ladder rather than getting forklifted, for they would not want to miss out on the enlightening panorama that is to be experienced, at every rung of the ladder. We are grooming business leaders who can in. uence management trends and practices through their thought leadership. Our students are part of a learning culture where individual vision, intellectual discipline, and a sense of teamwork are valued. IBA offers its unique management education programmes from its Bangalore and Greater Noida campuses to cater to the needs of students from across India. IBA is an excellent place for you to lay the foundation for a successful career in management.

I look forward to having you with us.

B.M.L. Jain (IIT-Kanpur) Chairman, Indian Business Academy
CMD, MJ Group, New Delhi.


Shri B M L Jain - the Chairman of the Indian Business Academy, (an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur) is an entrepreneur with a keen interest in Management theory and practice. His contribution to economic progress has seen him awarded the prestigious Udyog Patra by Minister of Human Resources Development, Govt. of India. Shri Jain has also been the recipient of a Letter of Appreciation from Bharatiya Ekta Parishad for his efforts towards National Integration. With an insiders view of management in India, his views on the subject are much sought after.