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This specialisation offers students an introduction to the Management of financial service organisations. Beginning with an overview of the structure of financial institutions and industry trends, the course then focuses on credit appraisal, credit risk, interest rate risk and liquidity risk. This specialisation is essential to all those desirous of entering into careers in consulting, corporate treasury and of course, financial services.



* International Finance
* Risk Management
* Infrastructure Finance
* Management Control system
* Strategic Cost Management
* Management Accounting
* Taxation & Business Decisions
* Working capital Management
* Merchant Banking
* Financial Markets
* Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
* Finance Services
* Project Finance
* Financial Engg. & Corporate Risk Management
* Financial Information & Control Systems
* Treasury & FOREX Management
* International Finance
* M&A & Corporate reconstruction


International Business

The international Business specialisation will focus on developing an understanding of strategic management and decision issues in a global context. The Course will provide students with a perspective on global economic factors, finance concepts an techniques applied in global settings, leading a global work force, fundamentals of marketing concepts, problems facing global marketing managers and a frame work for designing global marketing and sales strategies. The objective of the course is to develop knowledge and skills for managing multinational corporations with special emphasis on culture.


* International Economics
* International Marketing Management
* International Human Resource management & Global Enterprise
* International Financial Management
* International Business Strategy
* International Trade and Investment


Strategic Marketing Management

This specialisation provides an integrated and dynamic view of competitive brand marketing and strategy. Perspectives and tools for developing sustainable marketing strategies that will be needed to support distinctive competitive advantage form a strong foundation for this course, along with building appreciation of brand strategies required over the life cycle of products. Topics cover pioneering brands, latent growth tactics, tactics for declining markets and defensive tactics for production.


* Consumer Behaviour
* Sales Management
* Retailing, Franchising & Merchandising
* Marketing Strategy
* Global Management
* Advertising & Promotion
* service Marketing
* product Management
* Rural Marketing
* B2B Marketing
* SCM & Logistics
* Brand Management
* CRM & e-enabled Marketing
* International Marketing

IT and E-Business

This area of specialisation focuses on the strategic and managerial issues associated with starting a new e-business. It provides students with conceptual frameworks and analytical tools for managerial and strategic decision-making in this high growth and volatile environment. Industries will continue to be transformed and created by emerging new technologies, leading to several entrepreneurial opportunities. The E-knowledge has become an important new focus for value creation. The course provides perspectives and tools for
(a)identifying opportunities for an existing or new product to respond to market needs.
(b)developing e-business models and executing an implementation strategy,
(c)obtaining resources for execution and
(d)leading an e-business that can be scaled up rapidly.


* Functional Testing & Analysis
* Business Process Modeling
* Enterprise Resource Planning
* Business Process in Specific Industries
* e-enablement of the Enterprise

Human Resources Management

Increased National and Global mobility as well as the demand for high-performing managers make it critical for business to create challenging and rewarding work environments to attract ad retain the best of talent. It is also becoming increasingly important for managers to understand the unique needs, motivations and cultural challenges of the workforce. This specialisation provides students in-depth understanding of HR practices and how to manage effectively the global competition for talent. the course also focuses on the latest techniques in Global-setting and performance Management with emphasis on balancing the demands of modern companies between soft & Hard Goals.


* Conflict Management & Negotiation
* Leadership
* Power & Politics in organisiation
* Perspective on HRD
* Cultures & Management in Asia
* Managing Strategic Change
* Training & Development System & Strategies
* Decision Science
* Employee relation
* Organisational Analysis D.D
* Incentives & Productivity
* Working with Diversity
* Performance Management
* HR Planning / HRIS

Operations Management Electives

Operation Strategy
Multivariate Data Analysis
Production Planning & Control
Material Management
Project Management
Productivity Management & Value Engg.
Logistics Management
Business Process Re-Engg.